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Prof. Ignazio Marino - Biography

Born in Genoa, Italy, on March 10, 1955, Ignazio R. Marino graduated “summa cum laude” in Medicine and Surgery from the Catholic University of Rome on October 30, 1979.

Board certified in General and Vascular Surgery, he was an Assistant Professor of Surgery from 1983 to 1990 at the Department of Surgery of the Catholic University of Rome, Italy (A. Gemelli University Hospital, Rome, Italy), during which time he spent 4 years training in the 2 most prestigious transplant centers in the world: the Transplant Center of the University of Cambridge, directed by Prof. Sir Roy Y. Calne; and the Pittsburgh Transplantation Institute, directed by Dr. Thomas E. Starzl.

In 1989, he accepted a permanent position at the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), where he was appointed Professor of Surgery. He has been an attending physician at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh; the Associate Director of the National Liver Transplant Center of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Pittsburgh (the only liver transplant department of the Government of the United States); the Director of the European Medical Division of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and, founder, and until 2002, Director and CEO of The Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies (a partnership between the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the Italian National Government). Since November 2002 to date, Dr. Marino is a Professor of Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and up to June 2004 the Director of the Division of Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. From July 2004 through August 2006, Dr. Marino has been the Director of the Division of Transplantation of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Since May 28th, 2015 he has been Doctor of Science (Hon.) at the Thomas Jefferson University. In 2016, as Presidential Scholar in Residence, he has taught several classes at Temple University Rome, Italy. In the same year, he has been appointed as Longmire Visiting Professor at The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. From October 2016 until December 2017, he has been the Strategic Advisor to the President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University. Since January 1st, 2018, he has been the Senior Vice President for Strategic Affairs of Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Marino was one of the 3 consultants chosen by the Secretary of the Department of Health for the National Transplant Committee of the Italian Republic (1999-2002), a member of the Regional Committee of the Organ Procurement Organization for the Region of Sicily (1999-2002), and one of the 5 members of the National Center for Transplantation of the Italian Republic (2000-2004). Dr. Marino has personally performed over 650 transplants, and was a member of the surgical team that on June 28, 1992 and January 10, 1993, performed the only 2 baboon-to-human liver xenotransplants in medical history. In 1999-2002, he performed the first series of liver transplantation, from cadaveric and live donors, south of Naples, Italy, and, in the summer of 2001, the first transplant ever carried out in Italy on an HIV-positive patient. Dr. Marino is a member of 26, and the founding member of 3, scientific societies, and has been awarded 59 prizes and public recognitions; he is also a member of the Editorial Board of Transplantation, Liver Transplantation, Digestive Diseases and Sciences and of 15 other international scientific journals. He has authored 723 scientific publications and 4 scientific books.

In 2005, Einaudi published his book in Italy, entitled “Credere e curare” (Treating and Believing). The book deals with the medical profession and the influence that faith, deemed not only as a religious creed but also as compassion, solidarity and empathy towards all human beings, has upon it. In 2007, Ignazio R. Marino edited a monograph on analyses and expectations for the future of the Italian national healthcare system ("Sistema Salute" Solaris ed.). In 2009 Einaudi published Marino's book on bioethics, faith and civil rights, entitled "Nelle tue mani" (In your hands). In 2012, together with Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, Dr. Marino published the essay "Credere e conoscere" (Believing and knowing), distributed by Einaudi. In 2016 Feltrinelli published Marino’s memoir on his experience as Mayor of Rome, entitled “Un marziano a Roma” (A martian in Rome). Dr. Marino was the Founder and until November 2013 the President of the international not-for-profit organization imagine (Improving Medicine and Growing International Networks of Equality), In April 2006, Dr. Marino was elected Senator of the Republic of Italy. On June 6, 2006, he was appointed Chair of the Standing Health Committee of the Italian Senate (XV legislature). In April 2008, he has been re-elected Senator of the Republic of Italy (XVI legislature) and in October 2008 he has been appointed, within the Senate, Chair of the Investigative Committee on the National Healthcare System. In the summer of 2009 Ignazio R. Marino ran in the primaries for the leadership position of the Italian Democratic Party and obtained 14% of preferences. In 2010, Ignazio R. Marino has founded the political think tank Cambia l'Italia (Change Italy), In 2011 he founded and until August 2013 chaired the think tank I-think, dedicated to health, research and environmental issues. In April 2013 he won the primary elections becoming the center-left candidate for the position of Mayor of Rome, Italy. In May 2013, therefore, he left his Senate seat, to run for Mayor of Rome.

After leading in the first round, Dr. Marino was elected on June 10, 2013, winning 63.9% of the votes in a run-off against the center-right candidate and out-going Mayor. On June 12, 2013, Dr. Marino officially took office as Mayor of Rome, Italy. On October 31, 2015, he decayed from his position after the majority of City Council members resigned