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Dies Academicus: Dean Antonio Gasbarrini's lecture

This morning I had the honour to attend the Inauguration ceremony of the 2022-23 Academic Year at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome campus.

Deep-learning diagnoses: Edge AI detects COVID-19 from smartwatch sensors

Combining questions about a person’s health with data from smartwatch sensors, a new app developed using research at Princeton University can predict within minutes whether someone is infected with COVID-19.

Podcast Radio Popolare - Trapianto con cuore di maiale geneticamente modificato

Ecco il podcast della mia intervista per Radio Popolare sul tema del primo trapianto con cuore di maiale geneticamente modificato eseguito dai chirurghi dell’University of Maryland Medical Center a Baltimora

Rome rebuilds Basilica Ulpia in Trajan's forum

Major project result of fundraising efforts by former Rome mayor Ignazio Marino.

Marino: Gualtieri? His board is designed to please the political parties. In this way Rome can’t improve

Rome and Philadelphia are more than 7 thousand kilometers apart, but former Mayor Ignazio Marino still thinks about the Capital ...


Colonic Perforation as Initial Presentation of Amyloid Disease: Case Report and Literature Review

Introduction Amyloidosis is an uncommon disease caused by the deposition of amyloid fibrils in tissues. This disease does not usually require surgical intervention, which could be warranted in the presence of complications such as bleeding, obstruction...

Orthotopic Liver Transplantation: Surgical Techniques

The authors have chosen to describe the most commonly used surgical techniques for liver transplantation and their variations, namely, the standard technique with and without venous-venous bypass, the piggy-back technique with and without venous-venous...

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Pedunculated Colonic Lipoma with Overlying Hyperplastic and Ulcerated Epithelium

Lipomas are the most common non-epithelial benign tumors of the gastrointestinal tract with a reported incidence in the colon of 0.2–4.4%. These lesions are usually asymptomatic with a typical endoscopic finding of a smooth, slightly yellow, circular, polyp that is sessile in most cases, covered with normal colonic mucosa.

From the Laboratory Bench to the Patient’s Bedside: An Update on Clinical Trials With Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The microenvironment of mammalian bone marrow is composed of several different elements that support hematopoiesis and bone homeostasis (Muller-Sieburg and Deryugina, 1995; Zhang et al., 2003). It includes a heterogeneous population of cells...

Subcapsular Hepatic Hematoma Post- ERCP: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Hepatic hematoma is a rare but possible complication of ERCP. We describe the case of a 75-year old man with a large, 8 × 12 cm, sub-capsular and intra-parenchymal hematoma post ERCP, affecting the right liver segments and treated conservatively.


Completely steroid-free immunosuppression in liver transplantation: a randomized study

Corticosteroids (CS) have been standard immunosuppression to prevent and treat rejection. However, CS are associated with increased risk of infection, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and accelerated hepatitis C virus (HCV) ...
di Ignazio Marino, gennaio 2024

Journey to ancient Rome

Today I went back to Via dei Fori Imperiali to experience an exceptional experiment patented by Invisible Cities
di Ignazio Marino, aprile 2022

Cannabis liberalization and scientific data

The legalization of cannabis is an urgent and necessary initiative to take an important market away from criminal associations.
di Ignazio Marino, febbraio 2022

Liberalizzazione della cannabis e dati scientifici

La legalizzazione della cannabis è una urgente e necessaria iniziativa per sottrarre un mercato importante alle associazioni criminali.
di Ignazio Marino, febbraio 2022

Lo stato della Democrazia

È vero che gli italiani possono accedere a elezioni in cui è garantita la pluralità di partecipazione e la certezza dei dati, ma le diverse leggi elettorali negli ultimi 15 anni hanno di fatto garantito ai leader di partito la scelta dei candidati.
di Ignazio Marino, febbraio 2022

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