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Open dialogue between professionals with different opinions builds the best policy

Delmonico and Ascher respond to Rees et al, but also to a confidential letter of intent, a work-in-progress draft for a possible grantapplication, which is not a public document and was never meant for distribution. We ask how they would respond ...
11/09/2017 17:59:17

GRG Profiles: Professor Ignazio Marino

Ignazio Marino was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1955 as the son of a naval engineer. His interest in medicine, in particular surgery, began while attending high school as a mean to ‘‘achieve tangible results and life-changing out-comes on patients ...
01/01/2014 18:12:25

Food Price Complexities Require Nuance

KRIPKE TAKES ISSUE WITH THE REFERENCES we cited in our Policy Forum. We based our arguments on a thorough analysis of many reports and communications of all the institutions we discussed, including Oxfam’s (1). For example, a substantive 2008 ...
04/05/2012 18:21:57